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Client Websites

If you need a new website or another online service, please use the links below to visit some of the client websites I have designed. I’ve been doing this long enough now that some of the sites I’ve designed and redesigned are offline due to retirement and other reasons. Many of them are also represented on my Portfolio page, where you can read my comments about the project. While I’m always happy to start from scratch when building new sites, any one of the sites below could be reproduced and updated with your own content to save on costs.

Oh, it’s SO embarrassing! As they say, the cobbler’s kids go barefoot…and the web designer’s website chronically needs updating! I am currently managing maintenance and content updates for over 70 websites, and the list continues to grow. I’ve updated this list of client websites as of July 30, 2022.

I experienced some important life changes in 2022. As a result, I now work from a new location in Talent, Oregon. New websites and redesign projects are underway, with more waiting in the wings, so I anticipate further updates to this page before long.

**   E-Commerce examples

*** Custom websites I’m exceptionally proud to have created, redesigned, and/or customized.

Web Design Client Website Links:

Small Business Client Websites

  • Transcend Healing – NEW! 2022 New Website. Kate Huckert of MetaPhysical Therapy & Pilates decided to go into life coaching in partnership with her Canadian friend, Lisa, an established spiritual healer and coach. Initially, we combined all their information into a new page on Kate’s existing website, but their accountants objected. Therefore we separated the content, creating a new website for Lisa in the process. She was meticulous with every detail and the end result is a beautiful site that could be adapted for just about any solopreneur. We launched in January 2022, and she keeps me on for regular maintenance and adding occasional blog posts.
  •  ThermeshadeInspired by the work I had done for a close friend of hers, Diana Eastman hired me to help her bring her own website up to speed in time for a large convention for her industry. We combed through the site, element by element, cleaning up the layout of each page and updating the content as we went. It was a thoroughly effective project, completed in April 2022—in time for her to prepare for her convention and inspiring her to refer me to others in her industry.
  • Beck Physical Therapy – NEW! 2022 redesign. I had been maintaining the website of this New York physical therapist for some time when the unthinkable happened. It crashed and crashed hard. The site was originally created nearly two decades prior by another designer and the theme’s code had become so outdated that it wasn’t playing nice with the plugins. There was simply nothing I could do to rescue it but to abandon the theme and recreate the site with a new one. They consented to my suggestion that we convert the site to Divi and took advantage of the opportunity to update the content and restore some lost content in the process. It’s now happy and easy to maintain, causing the owners no problems and serving their business effectively.
  • Nancy F ClarkNEW! Late 2021 launch. A former rocket scientist with JPL, Director of Forbes WomensMedia for 8 years, artist, and author of the book, Positivity Daily, Nancy hid her fascination with channeling from friends and colleagues for many years. Then she decided that she wanted to share the information she had gained from sifting through many channelers and determining which were legit and which were not bothering with and why. Her courses educate the public about discerning between channelers, which channelers she respects and why, and more about channeling in general. this was an on-again-off-again project that took years to complete, but the streamlined result is working for her.
  • ** ***The Glass Forge2020 new website. An established client referred The Glass Forge, a long-running and successful Grants Pass business, to me for a complete redesign of their website from the ground up. In addition, e-commerce was added to it using WooCommerce to power their online shop. It was slow to get off the ground, but once we built up some steam, it went smoothly. Their artistic glass products are so beautiful that it was a joy to create. They had apparently done a remarkable job promoting their business prior to this because they received orders through the website within a day of its launch—something I had never seen before! The owner told me he felt the website came out a lot better—both as far as esthetics and functionality— than he had expected. That is one of the side benefits of the work I do…the big smiles such compliments put on my face and the long, productive relationships that arise from doing solid work! The gorgeous glass items in the shop are a must-see when you check out their website.
  • Jacksonville Tax Lady2020 website conversion to WordPress and Redesign. We based the new design on another website that the co-owner I worked with had been involve din and this worked out very well. It was so easy to work with her and she was so happy with her rejuvenated site once it was done!
  • ** ***DriFlower™ The Original HangHarvesting™ System – 2020 new ecommerce website. The site went live on Saturday, August 1, after starting work on June 3. Many grateful thanks to DriFlower founder and CEO Jay Larkins for the opportunity! Kudos to Marketing Director Jon Griffin for a productive working partnership on the site design and content. (side note: Jon also hired me to maintain two websites he has for his own businesses, MrJonGriffin.com and Lunazen.com.) #DriFlower makes #hangharvesting equipment that reduces harvest time and cost while preserving precious flower from harvest to trim. Revolutionizing the cannabis and hemp industries with game-changing harvest equipment! Learn more about this client’s website project here.
  • *** Giclée Yoshimatsu 2019 new website. A dear friend of another client of mine, the proprietor of Giclée Yoshimatsu decided it was time for a website to complement his flourishing fine art printing business. I’m grateful that he chose me to do the work, as it’s a lovely, minimalist site with certain traits that set it apart from the rest. Yoshimatsu offers fine art printing both in Arkansas where he’s based and throughout the West. He also does his own fine art photography, which you can see on the site. He has connections to places where West Coast artists can show in the Southwest, making him a doubly valuable ally. Artist Genie Talbott, mentioned below in the Websites for Artists section, has used him for her fine art prints for years. Artist Brenda Mills Brannan, mentioned below in the Websites for Artists section, liked the layout of his new website so much that we used it for her new website, too. Thanks for the referral, Genie!
  • *** Tachi Skin Care 2019 HTML to WordPress conversion and hosting migration for an aesthetician who started her practice in southern Oregon but needed a fresh online presentation after moving to Portland. We preserved the design of her existing website while converting it to the WordPress platform, adding new content and features, and hooking her up with a blog and Mailchimp newsletters. Thanks for the referral, John!
  • ***Spa Jacksonville 2018 HTML to WordPress conversion and hosting migration for a long-established and beloved local business. We largely preserved the minimalist, clean and spare design while adding new content and features, including bios for each of the professionals on staff. Look for a new e-commerce feature (Square) with Spa’s custom skincare products AND for the therapists of Spa to begin blogging soon! Thanks for the referral, Mary!
  • ** ***American Memorycraft 2018 New website for American MemoryCraft in Grants Pass. Owner Eli Beard (also known locally as the owner of Rogue Art Glass) employs 12 master glass blowers to create the company’s gorgeous cremation urns. Photographs of their work made creating a beautiful website a delight, and Eli’s desire to include plenty of interesting historical information and more made it a well-rounded site as far as content, too. The WooCommerce catalog that becomes a full-featured online shop when a member (limited to his wholesale national distributors, which include Forest Lawn and more industry-wide stars) logs in was a complex undertaking, but it’s working beautifully and has prepared me to do more sites along these lines.
  • Ryan’s Outpost 2017 New website, SEO, maintenance, and content updates for the iconic Applegate Valley business.
  • ** *** Carpe Diem Papers 2017 Redesigned website and massive overhaul for an Ashland, Oregon greeting card designer with newly added eCommerce capabilities and Mailchimp integration; ongoing maintenance and content updates.
  • *** Mountain Sun Botanicals – 2016 Southern Oregon medical marijuana grower site conversion from html to WordPress, preserving home page design and redesigning subpages, setting up custom Google Suite business emails, SSL. We partially updated the website in mid-2021 but were not able to complete this task by year’s end. They’re super busy and have a small child. Some projects just don’t have to set new land speed records! We hope to be back on track with a more professional design sometime in late 2022.
  • *** Meta Physical Therapy & Pilates – 2016 New website, ongoing maintenance. I just love the new website created for H. Kate Huckert, DPT, in 2016. Her fondness for the Oriental aesthetic is expressed beautifully in this layout and design. I have the same soft spot for Asian design so this was particularly rewarding for me.
  • *** Ruch Hardware – 2016 New website, SEO, maintenance, and content updates. This site has personality plus, like its owner, and is quite the community hub in the Ruch/Applegate Valley area. Tiffany updates her blog regularly, so it’s a great community resource. See more details about this project.
  • Iris Colored Dreams – 2016 New website, SEO, and maintenance for Silhouette, a woman practicing in the blind psychic tradition. In 2020 we added an e-commerce feature so people could subscribe to read her “Tales That Told Themselves” as she releases them. Some of these Tales are in prose form while others are videos. All are fascinating and add a wonderful new dimension to her website.
  • C St Bistro – 2015 Website redesign with WordPress conversion, SEO, and ongoing maintenance and content updates for a local casual gourmet restaurant. More details about this project here.
  • *** Markwood Heavenly Strings & Cases 2014 Site redesign/conversion to WordPress and content updates for a Talent, OR woman who creates custom harp strings and more. A nicely streamlined site with great graphics-to-text balance. Click to see more about the conversion project. There is more here, too.
  • ** *** Dodero Studio Ceramics – For the past few years I have mostly worked with John Dodero on search engine optimization for his Raku pottery e-commerce (WooCommerce) website. Eventually, this emphasis on SEO demanded that we merge his HTML site with his blog in 2014 and convert it from an outdated theme to a modern one that is mobile-friendly while preserving the site’s original design in 2015early 2016. We continue to work together to add new content, and new products, and keep the search engine optimization…optimized.
  • Shosha Yoga – 2011 New website.

Community, Non-Profit & Association Client Websites

  • Art Presence Art Center – In 2022, I completed a massive redesign of the original site I designed for this local nonprofit art gallery in 2012. Updated branding and an overhaul of their online “look” and content, this redesign has been a modernization of their online presence. Our ongoing work includes maintenance, social media support, and monthly content updates. I continue to write a monthly article for Art Presence which has been published in the Jacksonville Review since 2010.
  • Pastel Artists of Oregon – After hiring me to update content and maintain her website, artist Judy Richardson referred the Pastel Artists of Oregon organization to me for maintenance and periodic content updates. Their original volunteer designer was terrific, but with a young and growing family and a day job, he needed to step aside, leaving them with no support for their online presence. In late 2021 the president of the organization contacted me and in 2022 I started work. We wound up doing more to update and streamline the content than I originally expected, and they have complimented me on how easy I am to collaborate with and the efficiency of my work.
  • Miss Cindy’s Neighborhood Nursery School – Referred to me in February 2021 by a former web designer who now runs a successful tech business, Miss Cindy’s website was very dated and had lost/was losing its functionality in many areas. It badly needed a current theme as the old one could not be updated, causing the WordPress core and other elements to be stuck in the same situation. This creates a security risk as well as lost or intermittent functions…not a good look for a very mature nursery school! Cindy was happy with the design, so we migrated the site to her own hosting service. Then I converted it to a modern, supported theme while preserving most of its design and updating other elements, as well as some of the content. She was delighted with the outcome and I’m delighted to have such a wonderful new client!
  • Aircraft Design Guide 2020 New website. My client, Don Chapin, who gave me the redesign/WordPress conversion jobs for buddha-consciousness.org, light-path-resources.org, and militarytruth.org, was a military man and an aerospace engineer earlier in his life. There was a particular project he had been closely involved with over the course of many years. This involved researching materials and creating design recommendations for more effective windshields for military aircraft that would withstand the impact of hitting a bird at jet speeds. When trying to find the extensive research he and his colleague had written up during that time in online military libraries he couldn’t find one thing. It turned out that the lone copy he had of the aircraft windshield design guide they had written was the only one in existence! So he handed me the 2000-page book and asked me to first scan the entire book into a searchable pdf file (a monumental task in itself!) and then create a simple website to share the book with interested parties who might be searching for such a resource. It’s not complex or extensive, but a pride and joy website nonetheless. How often does one get called in to help preserve information gained at great cost that would otherwise be lost forever? I’m honored to have been entrusted with this task. Thank you, Don!
  • *** Lithia Artisans Market 2018 New website for the Lithia Artisans Market (LAMA), in Ashland, Oregon. The volunteers who manage the group’s online presence had been using a free site at WordPress.com for years and decided it was finally time to go for their own self-hosted website. Having access to numerous resources, including their own designer and photographer, made building this site a joy, and the final result sent us all over the moon. We may be adding more features and content to it in the future…if the coronavirus lets this popular outdoor market come back in 2021, that is.
  • *** The Buddha Consciousness2017 Website migration to new host and redesign for the first of three sites owned by an online free church, Light Path Resources. Ongoing maintenance and content updates, including an entire section on books written and published by the owner and his late wife. In 2021, we are adding content related to the site owner’s new book and an e-commerce feature so he can sell his books directly from his website. I’ll let you know when the new features are fully launched… and you’ll see a couple of extra asterisks in front of the site title here once the shop is online!
  • *** Light Path Resources2017 Website migration to new host and redesign for the second of three sites owned by an online free church, Light Path Resources. Ongoing maintenance and very frequent content updates.
  • *** Military Truth – 2017 Website migration to new host and redesign for a nonprofit seeking to educate people considering enlisting in the Armed Forces so they know what they’re getting into. Ongoing maintenance and very frequent content updates.
  • *** Jennifer Faith – 2014 Design, SEO, and maintenance for a site that supports victims of domestic violence and abuse. Best for a blogger with great featured images, as the Home page depends on excerpts for the design. Click here to read more about the project.
  • *** Southern Oregon Artists Resource – Launched 1/1/2010, currently being redesigned behind the scenes and will ultimately merge with the blog. This is an example of a successful, large, and very complex project which I created from scratch. I’m eager to get the new site completed and launched!
  • Southern Oregon Artists Resource Companion Blog, Art Matters – Launched 3/2010, currently being redesigned behind the scenes and will be merged with the directory site above. Watch for the completion of this enormous project!

Artist Client Websites

  • Janet E Higgins NEW! Grants Pass sculptor, Janet Higgins, asked me to create a new, minimalist website showcasing her uniquely creative and powerful sculptures in time for the opening of an important show of her work at the Grants Pass Museum of Art in July 2022. We finished by the deadline and she was delighted with the results!
  • *** Stefan Baumann, Plein Air Artist – In 2020, we completely redesigned Stefan’s website. His response to the new look was “when I go to my website it feels like landing on a big, soft pillow…exactly the feel I was hoping for!” More work to streamline the content is ongoing. This was originally a massive search engine optimization (SEO) project that required reorganizing the entire site’s content and pointing two no longer used, but very SEO-important, domains to his new website. Stefan recently dubbed me the SEO Queen for the success of my work, which enabled him to establish a global artist coaching service. Working with his assistant Kris Baxter, I have also designed and formatted a catalog for a large art show of Stefan’s work in southern California as well as the free e-book he gives to everyone who signs up for his email list.
  • Oregon Backroads Author WebsiteIn 2020, Jacksonville author Ed McBee contacted me to redesign his website and update the content upon the publishing of his second book about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, A Twisting Journey Continues. A fairly simple project that was completed quickly and for a very reasonable price.
  • Judy Richardson Fine ArtIn 2020, Jacksonville fine artist Judy Richardson contacted me because she had lost her previous web designer and needed to update the paintings on her website. Hers was a fairly simple project that was completed quickly for a very reasonable price, and now I maintain the site, standing ready for new content updates whenever she’s ready with new paintings.
  • EA Leutkemeyer, AuthorIn 2019, Jacksonville author Gene Leutkemeyer contacted me to update the content of his website upon the publishing of his second book, Penitentiary Tales: A Love Story. We didn’t completely redesign it, but did update the look with a new logo, rearranged the content, and added a new page for his new book. We usually do a little something each year to add to the content. His books are fascinating – check him out!
  • *** Marie’s Baskets2019 New website. Marie contacted me to convert her old website to WordPress and freshen the content. It wound up being a bigger job than we anticipated, and the new baskets we added to the site are stunners! The site is lovely, uncluttered, and clean, and the wares are well worth visiting to see!
  • *** Glenn J Hill, Author2019 New website. I had worked on Glenn’s harp website and his wife’s harp string website for several years when he wrote a book, got it published, and asked me to build a website for it. This was a super fun website to create and it came out really lovely. You might like his book, too, the first in a series of three with more to come soon. Check it out!
  • *** Sculptor Jay Warren2019 New website. Jay’s Warren Sculpture website had gotten quite dated and he no longer had time to update the content himself, so he approached me to redesign it, moving to the WordPress platform. Jay’s work is no joke – his magnificent life-size bronze statues and monuments have been commissioned by top players, as well as local and state governments across the country. His work is amazing, and his website is now a wonderful setting in which to showcase it. You really must visit to see his bronzes!
  • *** Brenda Mills Brannan2019 New website. Brenda had just moved to the area and her website had been down for over a year as she and her husband built their new home. I was delighted that she contacted me when she was ready to get back online with a new website! Her art is so beautiful and she chose a design format for her site that’s a departure from the usual. Please check it out and see for yourself!
  • *** Indigenous Spirit2019 New website. Blindish artist Silhouette created some amazing art as she was losing her eyesight to Graves disease. Check out the amazing videos she made and posted online just for people to enjoy. Thanks for the second website assignment, Silhouette!
  • *** Wing Tips HA! 2018 New website. Artist Leslie Dwyer started this site but quickly found herself out of time, so I took it from the bare bones start she had accomplished to completion. Her goal for this website was to establish the value of her Wing Tips — humorous and uniquely rendered single-frame advice “comics” — prior to presenting the idea to publishers so she can print a gift book containing them. Once I had the site completed, Leslie scheduled a years’ worth of Wing Tips to publish one or two every week. She is quickly gaining a devoted following, myself included, which I truly hope ends up in a successful publishing deal for her. Once you’ve seen this one, check out her Design4Peace.com website, with loads of terrific social justice poster designs! Leslie is amazing.
  • *** Ray Pague – 2017 New artist website. You must see Ray’s beautiful work and unique style of painting! He and his wife contacted me to create his new website as soon as they moved to southern Oregon from North Carolina, where he is well known for his art. Another artist website of which I’m especially proud.
  • ** *** Carpe Diem Papers 2017 Redesigned website and massive overhaul for an Ashland, Oregon greeting card designer with newly added eCommerce capabilities and newsletter integration; ongoing maintenance and content updates. I can’t begin to say how fun it is to work with Mindy Carpenter. She has (always very circumspectly to be respectful of my time and willingness to take on side projects) asked me to do numerous non-website-related things for her, from knocking out the backgrounds of some of her paintings so she can make them into stickers and other specialty products to reformatting the images of a selection of her greeting card designs so they can be included in the online shop of a very ritzy MoMA. It’s such a pleasure to be a small part of her well-deserved success!
  • Carla J Griffin – 2016 New Website, maintenance, and content updates for an award-winning artist in Grants Pass, Oregon.
  • *** Catherine Anderson, AWS -2015 Massive overhaul including redesign, SEO, and security measures. One of my pride and joy website designs!  Be sure to visit and see her award-winning watercolors!
  • ** *** Linda Abblett Watercolors – 2015 HTML to WordPress conversion with redesign and added e-commerce (WooCommerce), maintenance and content updates, SSL added 2017. Another beautiful custom site I’m proud to have been chosen to create. See more details about this project here.
  • *** Michael Carpenter, OPA – 2015 New website, maintenance. A very handsome website for an exceptionally talented and experienced artist. More details about this project hereand here.
  • *** Pat Moore Photography 2015 New website, maintenance, SEO services for a fabulous photographer.
  • ** *** Kim Novak – 2014 New website with e-commerce (PayPal), maintenance and content updates, SSL added 2017. A conservative site that showcases this beloved actress’ incredibly creative pastel and oil paintings, accompanied by her original poetry. We have worked closely together over the years and the new paintings and poetry we have added just keep making it better and better as time goes on. I also managed her business selling prints of her original paintings for years. She has now decided that she would rather enjoy the time she has left on Earth by painting and riding her horses than deal with the obligations the print sales business laid upon her, so we modified the website to remove all that content and it’s now a showcase for all her paintings. I also manage her Facebook page, KimNovakActress. Read more about the creation of her new website here.
  • *** Pegi Smith – 2014 Migration to new host, massive website redesign and SEO, ongoing maintenance and content updates, added SSL in 2016. A complex and extensive artist website of which I’m especially proud. Pegi’s dreamy paintings are amazing to work with and make the site especially stunning visually. See more details about this client’s website here.
  • Lori Garfield, Animal Artist – 2014 New website, maintenance and content updates. Everything went smoothly throughout this project, and when it was completed in November 2014, Lori wrote,”YIPPEE SKIPPEE Great job Hannah…Ohhh happy girl. Thank you!” Click for more details about her website project…and there’s more here, as well.
  • *** Mountain Glen Harps – 2014 New website, SEO, maintenance. Click to read more about this project hereand here.
  • Eve Margo Withrow – 2014 New Website, maintenance and content updates. Read more about this project here.
  • Elaine Frenett Watercolors – 2014 New Website, maintenance and content updates, completely redesigned in 2020. Click here to read more about the original 2014 project. Visit her website to see the beautiful redesign!
  • ** Wendy Gell Jewelry & Art – 2014 Massive website redesign plus e-commerce (WooCommerce) and ongoing maintenance. More details about this project hereand here, too.
  • Joan Pechanec – 2013 New Website, maintenance, and annual content updates. Joan needed a budget solution for her site and I worked with her to display the maximum number of paintings (40) possible while keeping costs to a minimum. The new site landed Joan her first solo show at the Orlando Art Center the same year it was launched! After painting for nearly a year to have enough work to fill the space, she sold nearly all of the works on display. A super rewarding outcome, for sure, and now she contacts me once every year to add new paintings to the site. Read more about the creation of her original site here. Visit her website to see the beautiful new 2021 redesign we launched in September 2021!
  • Catie Faryl – 2012 New Website. Click to see more details about this project.
  • Rio Querencia Fine Art Images –  2010 New custom HTML website for a wonderful fine art photographer. Check out my post about this project here and here.

SSL Installation, Search Engine Optimization, Troubleshooting and Repair, Maintenance, and Hosting Migration Client Websites

  • McCully House Inn – The McCully House Inn changed hands in July 2021, and another client referred them to me to help with the migration of the website and connected services (such as email) into their full ownership and control. This doesn’t sound like a huge undertaking, but because the site is older and hadn’t been actively maintained in at least a full year, it turned out to be very complex, with lots of moving parts and many other professionals involved in various roles. Thankfully, I was able to successfully navigate this challenging task, and the site is now in the process of receiving its brand new reservation system. The new owners plan a redesign later in 2022 when they’ve adjusted to recent changes in their personal lives.
  • Jefferson Farm Kitchen I just love it when I can get behind someone’s business, and this is one of them! Unfortunately, her website was suffering from numerous errors that made things tricky, erratic, and therefore difficult to diagnose when customers showed up to place their weekly food orders. Another client whom I had helped through a similar situation referred her to me in early 2021, and her skepticism was soon turned to joy when one by one the problems started to disappear. Soon, we plan a major content update directed by her marketing director.
  • Springerhaven – This couple has been breeding beautiful, sound, and well-behaved Springer Spaniels that have found homes with families across the nation for over 25 years. They have an amazing following, many of whom have purchased more than one dog from them over the years They were referred to me for help with reviews, which we moved from their Facebook page to their website. We also migrated their site to a new host, sorted out email issues, and updated most of the content. The site had been neglected, but once updated it performed well, so now I do ongoing maintenance and content updates when there are new reviews from their many happy customers to add. We did wind up running into problems down the road, however, so in 2022, I converted the site to Divi and freshened up the look and the content in the process. It’s beautiful, the code is modernized and the content up to date and trouble-free now.
  • Elan Guest SuitesThe owner of this Jacksonville, Oregon boutique guest suites and gallery business contacted me for help in mid-2019 because she’d had years of trouble working with more than one web developer trying to get her redesigned Squarespace website functioning properly so she could launch it. There were many complex issues that took time to work out. However, I was successful at eliminating the problems and customizing the reservations integration, and the website has been successful ever since its launch just a few months after we began working together! I love to hear from the owner-turned-friend, but since it’s rare that anything goes wrong on her website, I don’t hear from her often.
  • Joy Hosey, Relationship Coach – This is one of those relationships in which I am simply there for Joy…since 2013! I’ve migrated her website, implemented new features, fixed problems and maintain the site in between special requests and content updates. Another small business owner whom I’m happy to get behind!
  • Angela Meer, Author and Writing Coach – I migrated Angela’s very complex website to a new host and extended her existing SSL certificate to cover the entire website in 2016.
  • Romancing the West I’ve been maintaining this website for singer/songwriter and producer of Romancing the West® since 2012 with both content updates and site maintenance. During that time, I’ve restored it from a hack attack, migrated it to new hosting, installed its SSL certificate, and posted dozens and dozens of tour dates, as well as a few client-directed experiments. I also formatted/edited a children’s book for them in 2017 and design/update the new concert posters for their biannual tours.
  • Talbott Studios – A wonderful artist who specializes in animals (particularly horses and equine art). Genie also designs gorgeous wine labels and more. I began with search engine optimization and content updates for her existing website, and have been working together for several years…even after she moved back East!

More exciting projects are in the works and others are lined up. It will be so fun to complete them and share the links here. If you are currently in need of a website, contact me today to get your project underway!

Starting New Websites!

I’m so excited to be starting new websites today!

The first is a revamp of a website that sells harp strings, converting it to the WordPress platform and making a beautiful, modern presentation that will make them shine at the convention they’re going to later this month! Short deadline…

The second is an artist website. We’ll be updating content as well as converting it to WordPress and redesigning the site to show off the artist’s work more effectively. First we’ll update her current home page, and when she returns from a 10 day trip we’ll get going on the conversion to the new platform and adding fresh content.

There are others winding down that I will be able to announce soon, and others in the queue. If you were thinking of contacting me about a new or revamped website, don’t worry. I can handle several projects at once, as there is usually quite a bit of “work then wait” that happens when developing a website.

Thanks to everyone for entrusting me with the hub of their online presence!