Testimonials for Hannah West Design

I’m very grateful that the relationships I have developed with my clients are good ones that work to our mutual benefit. This is true both for my local clients and those I work with from a distance. During the second half of 2008 I was in Australia with my family, yet I successfully worked with clients from halfway around the world! The praises I receive are sometimes overwhelming, and I thank every one for their support and encouragement. I am so grateful for the friendship of these very special people, whom I have also had the privilege to work for, whether building their website, creating projects for print, and more. Here are testimonials from a few of my clients.

 {michaelcarpenterart.com 1.27.16}

Michael has been using his web page to communicate to galleries and journals and it has been great and he’s received many favorable comments on the design of the page!!!

~ Ann Carpenter

 {silviatrujillo.com 12.19.15}

Since 2009, I’ve relied on Hannah West Designs to first of all design my website, and then to help me market that site. Because I was so pleased with her previous work, I’ve recently asked her to update and redesign a new web presence for me.
The reason I continue to employ Hannah’s expert services is that she has always been there for me; she patiently explains, directs, and guides me to all the wonderful ways the internet helps to grow my business, and she keeps me updated on the latest ways that expand an online presence as a professional artist/ art instructor. Her knowledge, expertise, and quality service over the years have provided me with excellent results in audience response; resulting in an increase of sales and exposure! I am most grateful to her for all she does in her most humble of manner. Thank you Hannah!

~ Silvia Trujillo

 {michaelcarpenterart.com 3.10.15}

Thank you for your excellent work on my website design. It was a pleasure working with you!

~ Michael Carpenter, OPA

{kimnovakartist.com 1.30.15}

Hannah created my website about a year ago after she was recommended to me by a close friend, and I’m so glad! Not knowing ANYTHING about the world of online promotion, I was extremely insecure about the process of building my first website. But I found that Hannah is an artist herself, understands the artist’s mindset and business needs, and has cultivated the skills to help artists with online things they might not get involved with otherwise. These, along with her caring personal attention, gave me the confidence to proceed. Being a very visual person, I found I needed to see my art images and poetry in the context of the site so I could make the changes necessary to represent my art and poetry well. Sometimes that requires a lot of revisions! Hannah’s patience and understanding during this process made it possible for us to create together an online presentation of my ongoing creative work that I’m very happy with and gets real results. My friends say it even reflects my personality!

Hannah also created a Facebook page for me, and has helped me to maintain it with posts about newly completed paintings and special events. Since I’m so busy, she also keeps an eye on the comments on both my Facebook page and website so I can respond to anything she thinks I might feel important.  It’s helpful that she is sensitive to my unique personal security and public relations needs, and she’s quick to make adjustments when I feel something needs to be tailored to these needs. Her expertise has helped me understand more about online promotion, and she is always there for me, not only to answer my questions and concerns, but with encouragement and advice that helps me continue with this new form of marketing. As a result, we have succeeded in raising awareness of my current creative pursuits…I have sold quite a few prints through my website and made contact with fans around the world who are happy they can now follow my creative life “after Hollywood.”

Because I stay so busy painting and with all that goes on at our ranch, etc., Hannah keeps me posted so I don’t miss anything really major in my life from comments on the websites that I may not have seen from family or friends.

On top of all that, Hannah has become a friend I know I can trust. It’s my pleasure to recommend her work to you, knowing that she will honor your confidence in her with patience, understanding, attention to detail and professionalism!!!

~Kim NovaK

 {london creations 1.26.15}

I’ve been working with Hannah for seven years, and every time I’ve made a shift in my business, in a heartbeat she has shifted with me! In early 2008 she created my first website, which I loved, but in 2014 I found I needed a break to spend more time with family and rethink my business approach. Now that I’m ready to begin promoting my work online again, Hannah has helped me to redefine my business as a service.

~Janet London

{jacksonvillechiropracticclinic.com 8.06.14}

“Thank you so much, Hannah. I’m not very good about delegating, it’s just so much more efficient to do things myself most of the time. But I was really impressed with what you were able to accomplish without any input or participation from me while I was away. I thought it was going to be much more work on my part, but you made it so easy and painless! The site is beautiful, functional and easy to navigate, and I can’t wait to share it with our patients and the community!”

~Jacqueline Williams

{joanpechanec.com 1.24.14}

“I am so pleased with the website Hannah West created for me!  Her artistic sensibility and her talent for color and design brought a unique and dynamic quality to the site.  And, a huge bonus for me, a computer novice and technophobe, Hannah was incredibly patient and informative, especially given the different colors and structure I kept requesting.
I would recommend Hannah highly for any web design work, but particularly for artists and visually oriented businesses! She is a true artist.”

~Joan Pechanec

{Normrossignolart.com 5.9.13}

“Wanting my very own web site seemed so daunting to me that I put it off for years. I envied those who had a site and maintained it on their own. Then there’s the need to ensure your images are protected properly from being copied.

Hannah West has been managing SOAR for some time now and I have seen that site do wonderful things for artists. One of the things that stood out about Hannah’s work is ‘She has your back.” Not only builds a beautiful site but all your work is safe. Another feature I needed was a Point and Shoot style operation and Hannah has designed a system that is just that easy. Most webmasters can build a web site that is just fine, but a web site made especially for artists is another matter. Hannah being an artist herself has that insight needed to develop a tasteful and easy site to display and use. I am most grateful to Hannah for her hard work and dedication to developing my site.

Easy operation
Attractive presentation
Custom built for your needs
Easy maintenance
Safe from piracy
Something to be proud of
What more could you want?”

Sincerely Norm Rossignol
Sadly Norm’s website is no longer online, but his testimonial was so sweet I can’t bring myself to remove it.

{Kris Baxter 4.30.13}

Kris and I worked together on a show catalog for Stefan Baumann, which was completed on April 20, 2013.

Thank you for your support and work on this project! Your kindness, patience and expertise made this booklet a sweet experience for me, I’m really delighted.


{Kathleen Hoevet 3.10.13}

Photographer Kathleen Hoevet wrote a wonderful letter of support for my SBA Small Business Champion nomination which is posted below, but I just received this beautiful, more spontaneous message from her. Not only was I deeply moved by it, but it sums up all I’ve worked to achieve in just a few lines and tells me that in cases like hers I’ve succeeded, so I wanted to share it here, too.

Hi Hannah,
I just wanted to touch bases with you after our conversation the other night at Art Presence.  I appreciate EVERYTHING you have done for me SO much. If it was not for you I know I would be floundering as an artist without direction. You have done so much for me and have inspired me to have the courage to get myself out there, I thank you so much for that and all the hard work you do, not just for me but for all the artists. Thank you for all your encouragement and advice you have given me, for all my amazing shows at the Goodbean. I can honestly say that by our paths crossing, it has changed my life, and for that I thank you*:) happy
Kathleen Hoevet Photography

Testimonials Contributed for 2012 SBA Small Business Champion of the Year Nomination, 3.2.13:

I was recently nominated for the 2012 SBA Small Business Champion of the Year award. When I told clients and members of the Southern Oregon Artists Resource, whose small businesses I enthusiastically champion, they sent wonderful letters of support. We won’t know until June 2013 who wins this award, but I feel like a winner when I read their kind words. Here are many of the letters artists sent on my behalf. There are more client testimonials below all the letters as well.

Dear Small Business Association,
Recently I have had the pleasure to work with Hannah West, the creator of Art Matters and
Southern Oregon Arts Resource! Since Hannah and I were first introduced and she saw my
advertisement for my new workshop at Rogue Gallery, she has been a huge influence and help to
I was very honored to have her invite me to be a part of the Southern Oregon Arts Resource
directory. Hannah and Art Matters led me through the process of signing up to SOAR. During
the process she gave me consistent feedback and clear directions.
The Art Matters website is beautiful and professional and her personality is glowing and
creative. Hannah’s positive attitude and availability made me feel very welcome as a new
member of the Southern Oregon Artist Resource and truly, that my art “matters.”
I think that she definitely a “Small Business Champion” of Southern Oregon.
Thank you,
Roxanne Evans Stout
Mixed-media Artist

My name is Brooke Nuckles Gentekos and I am the Education and Exhibitions Director for the
Rogue Gallery & Art Center in Medford, Oregon. I am writing to strongly recommend Hannah
West Design to win Home-Based Business of the Year!
Hannah West Design is an incredible resource for local artists, non-profit organizations,
businesses, and people both who live locally or travel to our region as a vacation destination.
Her web design genius, social networking savvy, and outreach to our community enhances our
creative economy by supporting and promoting the arts for all.
As a newcomer to Southern Oregon, I found out about Southern Oregon Artists Resource on
Facebook and serendipitously met Hannah West in person the first day I was in town. Hannah
introduced me to dozens of local artists at an art walk in Jacksonville, many of whom are listed
on her website, www.soartists.com. She encouraged and welcomed me to the area, informing me
about employment and exhibition opportunities. I was hired by the Rogue Gallery & Art Center
and have worked with Hannah professionally as she led two workshops, Photoshop for artists
(beginner and advanced). The classes were very successful and highly attended. Her website and
blog, www.artmatters.com, are both great resources for local artists, art collectors, students of the
visual arts, and much more. I frequently refer people to her website to seek out particular artists,
art teachers, events, or art for sale.
Without Hannah West and Hannah West Design, the Rogue Valley would be a very different
place. Her business should be honored for not only being a great resource for artists needing
websites or a forum to promote and network, but for how she goes the extra mile (or in some
cases, hundreds of miles) to build an art community so our community as a whole can thrive.
Please honor Hannah West Design as a SBA Small Business Champion and Home-Based
Business of the Year!
Brooke Nuckles Gentekos
Education Director
Rogue Gallery & Art Center
40 S. Bartlett St Medford, OR 97501
PH (541)772-8118 ext 301
FX (541)772-0294

Dear SBA Nomination Committee for SBA Business Champion and Home-Based Business of
the Year:
I strongly urge you to select HANNAH WEST DESIGNS as the SBA Champion and Home-
Based Business of the Year. Besides building websites, Hannah West developed and maintains
Southern Oregon Artists Resource, (SOAR). SOAR is a comprehensive directory of Southern
Oregon’s arts community and guide to events for its members, local arts enthusiasts, and those
planning to visit or move to our region. SOAR is also host to a running arts-related blog with
heavy contributorship and readership. ART MATTERS shares information about the southern
Oregon artist community.
As an artist of Southern Oregon I have benefitted greatly from being a member of SOAR.
Firstly, SOAR’s annual membership fee is very affordable. I get an artist listing at SOAR with
my contact information and a link to my art. The greatest benefit to me from my membership is
SOAR’s automatic syndication of my personal art blog to SOAR’s running blog, ART
MATTERS. That sydication includes a link directly to my personal art blog. This gives far more
exposure of my art than I have with just my personal art blog. My art events can be listed as
SOAR’s event calendar. Hannah West has even posted events there for me personally because I
did not know how to do it myself.
My association with SOAR and Hannah West, the driving force behind SOAR, resulted in an
online Wine Club requesting my wine art to be featured for sale at WinocerosWineClub.com.
Hannah was instrumental in getting my art seen by that organization. She volunteered to serve as
a professional liason and personal advisor between the Wine Club and myself. This art exposure
would not have happend without SOAR and Hannah West.
Hannah always responds graciously, personally and quickly to any questions I encounter
regarding computer know-how even if it doesn’t relate to SOAR. She goes out of her way to
help computer challenged artists take advantage of various art opportunites presented via SOAR
or otherwise. She is always on the lookout for new opportunities to raise awareness to art and
artists of our region. Most recently Hannah has made it very easy for SOAR artists to join
SOAR’s Pinterest board as well as re-pin artists’ personal Pinterest Boards to SOAR’s Pinterest
By personal example Hannah utilizes and familiarizes other artists with Linked-In and Facebook.
Hannah seems to take a very personal interest in each artist associated with SOAR and has
championed many artists of the region both in her capacities at SOAR and through her personal
voluntary efforts to always go the extra mile to help artists develop and promote their art
businesses. I don’t know how she manages to find sleep time; let alone find time for her personal
artistic endeavors. Hannah West is the most deserving person/organization I know of to receive
the SBA Business Champion and Home-Based Business of the Year Award.

Sandi Whetzel
Contact info: 12967 Tiller Trail Hwy, PO Box 22, Days Creek, OR 97429
Art Studio Hours: Call 541.825.3525
Email: artist1@frontiernet.net
www.Flickr.com/photos/contempartist/ best site to see all my art easily & quickly
www.SandiWhetzel.BlogSpot.com to learn more about me & my art
www.WineocerosWineClub.com Scroll down & click on “Wine Art”

Dear Small Business Administration Representatives:
I am here to confirm the treasures and teamwork I have experienced in working with our
community’s most valuable “Southern Oregon Artists Resource”. I was introduced to the founder
and primary drive behind “Southern Oregon Artists Resource”, Hannah West, around 2009 and
was impressed with her warmth, willingness to be of service and her talents.
Yearly I’ve paid my dues to be part of SOAR (Southern Oregon Artists Resource) to take
advantage of its numerous services. Not only are my blog posts automatically re-posted to “Art
Matters” (where I can also garner wisdom and insight from Hannah’s selection of posts about the
art world) but also, list my upcoming classes, shows and retreats. The opportunities that avail me
as a professional artist are vast and numerous not to mention that these all exist in one place,
under one manager that keeps them rolling along smoothly, succinctly and in a timely manner.
And this one place provides a singular source for all seekers interested in the art of Southern
Oregon as well.
I’ve continued to work with Hannah various other matters. Working for several months along
side her in her capacity as computer web site designer, co-creating my newest website, I
received patient and kind understanding from a technical professional with the many questions
and misunderstandings us artists find with technology, followed by clear explanations. She
continually informed me of ways to augment my visibility online and via mobile devices. Also,
being featured as one of the artists showing at the Good Bean venue, under the volunteer curatorship
of Hannah, I’ve been treated with respect and continued professionalism. When I was
treasurer with the “Art Presence” group in Jacksonville, I found Hannah present at many
of our meetings, offering up marketing ideas, making suggestions how to benefit the
various artists and their businesses and steering committee thinking toward business
In all that Hannah oversees, there is a calm, orderly element. Her profound dedication and
enthusiasm for the arts and artists has championed all our small businesses to thrive. And under
the umbrella of “Southern Oregon Artists Resource” we, in the creative community, have a new
cohesion and an indebtedness to Hannah for weaving our creative community a bolder presence.
Sincerely meant,
Elaine Frenett
Aspen Light Studios

In response to Hannah West Design being nominated for a Small
Business Award:
Hannah West and her brainchild S.O.A.R. are one of the few
businesses, in my opinion, who truly and selflessly promote and
advocate for the visual arts here in So. Oregon.
As a listed artist member of SOAR I have personally witnessed
individual artists, art programs, community wide creative
projects, and art related businesses all come together in the
form of connections and collaborations because of SOAR listings
and because of the exceptional coverage of local art news
Opportunities for individual artists, businesses in need of art
related services, and average citizens looking for art
instruction/education can all find what they are looking for on
this easy to navigate site. I know of several “new to the area”
families who have mentioned that the site was a valuable
resource for them.
I have a tremendous amount of gratitude to Hannah West Design
and the SOAR website. Thank you Hannah for all you do!
Silvia Trujillo
website: silviatrujillo.com
blog: silviatrujillo.com/blog

Hannah West is a caring, thoughtful web designer who is willing to help in an instant to keep my
website up to date and running smoothly.
She demonstrates efforts to improve condition in the small business community as a whole, not
solely for individual personal advancement.
She is sincere in her efforts to keep the arts at the front of her agenda. Hannah has helped many
in the community show their work at places such as the Good Bean in Jacksonville.

Barb Wallgren
Cowboy Flowers
181 Upper Applegate Road
Jacksonville, OR 97530

To Whom it May Concern:

I met Hannah in 2010 when I placed a call to her to inquire about hanging my photography in a popular local business that she curated, The Goodbean Coffee Company. I was very new to the art community and this was to be my first big step to show off my work, so to say the least I was very nervous. Hannah graciously put me at ease, her enthusiasm to meet a new artist and her help right away with connecting me with SOAR (Southern Oregon Artists Resources) proved invaluable to me, I now had a connection with the local art world and felt ready to advance my photography business. She scheduled a month for me to display my work, she helped me with any questions I had on pricing and how to display my work, since this was pretty new to me her guidance was very much needed. The promotional help and support that she gives artists through SOAR is so much more than I could ever do on my own and is greatly appreciated. She supports our personal websites and any artist’s receptions or shows that we have coming up. As well as her promotions on SOAR, she also links it to Facebook, and LinkedIn so we get that extra promotional boost. This year I was lucky once again to have my work hanging at the GoodBean Coffee Company, Hannah was there to help me hang my pieces as well as help me with suggestions for my first artist reception to be held there the next weekend. Her encouragement is always so positive you walk away knowing you have chosen the right path in pursuing your career as an artist.
Through SOAR I discovered a Photoshop workshop Hannah gave at the local college, I signed up for that knowing any help with Photoshop is a plus in my business. I have taken a few Photoshop workshops but I must say Hannah’s was very informative and paced perfectly. I walked away with newfound knowledge and in my business of photography, that’s invaluable.  Not to forget about the blogs that we can read and learn from….SOAR is packed full of information for artists and it’s great to be able to have it all in one place.
Hannah helped me with my business once more by suggesting my photography to a client of hers looking for vineyard art work to sell on a web site she was in the process of building. She put me into contact with her client and from that meeting I now have five pieces of my work on a Wineoceros Wine Club web site.

From joining SOAR I discovered a group of artists in Jacksonville Oregon, Art Presence, which this year opened an art center. The Art Presence Art Center is an amazing group of artists, and without having first worked with Hannah, I’m not sure if I would be there today. I have my work showing on a monthly basis rotating new themes. It’s so great to work there and be part of an art community. I have sold a couple of pieces there as well, my first time in a gallery! My client base continues to grow through this Art Center. I now know many artists that are members of SOAR and the Art Center so that is a real plus to be able to put faces to names and be able to talk about our work together.

I have grown so much as an artist these last two years ( I have been doing photography for 4 years) and I feel I owe so much to Hannah. Her support and guidance has given me the courage to pursue what I love to do, my photography. From there my business has grown tremendously. From jobs shooting for the Chamber of Commerce to selling my work to Design Studios for new banks they are designing, I hope to continue my work through many different avenues.

Kathleen Hoevet
Kathleen Hoevet Photography


December 18, 2012
It’s tempting to say that Hannah West took Southern Oregon by storm, but a more accurate description would be that she came in as a beneficent force of nature. Suddenly she was everywhere; everyone either knew her or knew of her and it was all good.
Through networking first with “boots on the ground” which led to participation in many community activities, then through her web site, Hannah has put Southern Oregon on the map as a hub of talented artists and those who appreciate the arts.
Hannah used her graphic and electronic arts skill as well as her business acumen to create Southern Oregon Artists’ Resource, with the appropriate acronym S.O.A.R., a flourishing go-to hub for the most recent art happenings in the area; S.O.A.R.’s influence spans the globe and has been visited by people from over 100 countries.
Hannah has designed web sites for many artists and businesses in the area. As a very satisfied customer I can speak to her creativity and skill, as well as her consistency and patience in staying with a project from the uncertainties of beginning to the final product.
Above all Hannah is an honorable business woman who continues to make a positive difference in our community. She has my highest recommendation for Small Business Champion of the Year.
Alice LaMoree

RioQuerencia Fine Art Images



Letter of Recommendation

December 2012

Dear Committee Members-
I have been honored to know Hannah West for the past six years.  Upon moving into the small community of Jacksonville, Oregon, Hannah personally welcomed me to one of my first art showings with the local artist group, Art Presence.  She offered to provide any assistance I might need in web design and promotions concerning my art.  Since that fateful day, Hannah has proven to be a reliable promoter of every art event I have personally had, participated in or have curated for others.  I have seen her sense of commitment to artists everywhere through her website, Southern Oregon Arts Resource and her Art Matters blog which many artists link to in sharing their own blogs.
She has proven to be a tireless supporter of artists, businesses, humanity and the environment.  Always willing to take a moment to promote local artists and businesses and raise awareness of greater world issues concerning the environment and humanity.  I have relished every moment I have had with Hannah, no matter how brief, and am continuously left with a kind thought, word or deed.  The connection Hannah has to people in the world around her is tremendous!  The lessons to be learned from Hannah can only make this world a better place to be.
As I myself am an artist and small business owner in Jacksonville, I continue to see Hannah’s commitment and dedication not only to my community, but to the larger community of the human race.  In following by example, we can all learn from the perseverance and passion that Hannah exudes.
Hannah’s leadership in a strong community of artists will continue to be a driving force for growth in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon.  I would personally like to recommend that Hannah West and her business Hannah West Design be considered one of the best and most innovative small businesses, and a champion of artists and their businesses, in Oregon.

Thank You for your consideration-

Cheryl D. Garcia
~metal artist~

I first met Hannah West at a workshop she was presenting, geared towards helping artists with online/computer skills.   I took notice that she was confident in the material she was presenting as well as honest enough to admit it when something came up that she was not as familiar with and needed to look into and learn about.  I found the class very informative and helpful and was grateful to speak with her afterwards as I introduced myself and thanked her for the helpful workshop.  Hannah was very welcoming to me as a new artist in the area and asked questions and made many suggestions for me to follow through with.  I would say that Hannah helps open doors and bridge the gap for an artist who is looking to get involved in the art community making it easy to meet other artist and find available opportunities to further their careers, find new students for their classes or to find classes for future students.   I have even met an artist who moved here from Vermont that Hannah was instrumental in helping not only find a place to live but also to assist in landing a job that she was perfectly qualified for as the Education Director for the Rogue Gallery & Art Center.

I soon joined SOAR and have kept in regular contact with Hannah as she is always about in the small town we live in interacting with the small business owners to help them and the artists realize the importance of each others role in helping both succeed.  Easy to approach, full of smiles and great conversation, people are easily drawn to her everywhere she goes.  She has proven to be a great friend and contact in the Rogue Valley artist community.

Humble & sincere are certainly fitting words to use when speaking of Hannah.   She is always quick to try and introduce artists and shies away from speaking of herself and her accomplishments.   Even though she spends so much of her time helping other artists she seems almost surprised when someone thanks her for her help.   She must realize how important her role is in so many artists lives, yet she is just so unassuming, never patting her own back or tooting her own horn.  It seems obvious to me that Hannah genuinely wants nothing more than to encourage and see successful artists thriving not just in the Rogue Valley but throughout the world…always busy and in demand, helping everyone she meets to further his or her career while putting her own artistic goals on hold.

As near as I can tell Hannah does more work for free and as a volunteer than she gets paid for.  Tirelessly promoting every artist she can, whether she is managing the art exhibits at the Good Bean, serving on the board and creating/managing the website and online promotion strategy for Art Presence, managing & promoting SOAR’s online presence including the recent start up of a YouTube account and Pinterest page for SOAR, keeping SOAR’s Facebook page updated, relevant and interesting so as to increase its readership with member announcements, local, national and international calls to artists as well as looking for new ways to extend the reach and visibility of the sites for our art community.  Posting for non-profits in the Rogue Valley that put art to work on behalf of those that may be disadvantaged, searching for informative posts to provide inspiration to keep artist from getting “blocks.”   There is also SOAR’s blog Art Matters! to keep up with which has proven to be quite helpful to many artists who have surely seen increased attendance to their art events via posts on Art Matters!. I know I certainly did at my recent art show.

Always busy with more than a full plate of tasks at hand, yet still happily helping everyone who calls upon her for assistance or questions.  Anytime that we have spoken and the amount of her workload has come up, the remarkable thing I notice every time is that there is never a hint of complaint in her voice.  I only hear excitement at the chance to help and the thrill of hearing good news about anyone whose life she has touched, not to gloat or brag in any way shape or form as if she had something to do with it, just joy that someone is moving forward pursuing their dream of being an artist.

I only recently learned that Hannah also spends time working to advocate for the arts by signing petitions, writing letters to our congressmen and senators, publishing issues and information from Americans for the Arts, and spreading the word at every opportunity about the statistics proving the significant contribution of the arts to our local economy and therefore their importance to attracting local, out of town and out of state visitors to our local businesses.

I was more than happy to take some time out of my day to write a letter of recommendation for a such a wonderful person who so unselfishly does so much for so many artists that I have had the pleasure to meet since moving to the Rogue Valley not so long ago.  I would say that Hannah West is more than qualified and deserving of the honor of winning such a prestigious award as SBA Small Business Champion and Home-based Business of the Year.

Randall Grealish


Below are testimonials from earlier projects. For various reasons, most of them are no longer online, but our relationships continue, and I have created new projects for many of them.



{Tibbitts Healing Arts:}

It’s been a stress-free experience working with you, and that is a high compliment!

Diane, 7.21.2011

{Cowboy Flowers:}

Since you completed my website and blog, I continually get compliments on how beautiful they are! Thanks for making a website which my clients love!

Barb, 5.2011

{Crazy Arrow Art:}

Thanks so much!!! You have done a fabulous job! I do keep getting good feedback. One person thought it looked really classy and another said it was really professional.

Ann Hackett


Mae was referred to me by a mutual friend. A professional artist who began formal training at the age of ten, her long and productive career has resulted in an incredible portfolio of paintings, and her website documents her exploration of many genres, techniques and mediums. Essentially complete, maewygant.com features a gallery of 50+ paintings, over half of which I had the privilege of photographing myself. We do have details for the last round of paintings to add, but from the beginning our working relationship has been a start-and-stop affair due to her busy life and travel schedule. She spent over 30 years in Northern California and while there she painted, exhibited and taught, as well as raising two daughters and founding a non-profit organization, LITA. Though she stepped down as director of LITA some time ago, she is still deeply involved as a consultant, and volunteers 2 days a week at a local charity which provides meals to shut-ins in our community. Though brief, I hope this gives you an idea of the depth of the woman I’ve had the honor of serving. These are her kind words:

It was a pleasure working with you as you brought me into the 21st century with your design and construction of my website. Thank you for being so conscientious and dedicated as you refined every detail. Your artistic talents and computer skills combined to create a site that pleases me greatly and receives many favorable comments. Thank you!
-Mae Wygant

May I add one of the “many favorable comments” she forwarded to me…

Beautiful website! Hannah is a genius and your website is testament to what she can help artists achieve through the world of the internet!
-Cheryl Garcia, Metal Artist

{hummingbird arts llc:}

Thanks so much for all the love and care you put into my website… It has been such a joy working with you. You have a real gift in the way you make the process a collaborative one…

That’s what Janet said when we had first completed her site in early 2008. After we’d been working together for several years, she sent an updated comment on my work:

Hannah West has been my web designer for the past three years. The quality I appreciate the most in Hannah is her personal integrity. She is dependable, communicates clearly about fees, looks for ways to cut down on fees, and gets things done in a timely manner. It is such a relief as a business owner to know I can depend on her. She is also creative, a good communicator and very supportive of my business. I have heard “web designer” horror stories and am happy to report that my working relationship with Hannah has only been a very positive experience. The best part of my experience with her is that I love the web design that Hannah has created for me and have received a lot of positive feedback from my viewers.

Janet, London Hummingbird Arts LLC

{Art Event Productions LLC:}

You have done a fabulous job and have worked very hard and I love my website…Thank you for all your great work.

Betsy Lewis

{Butterfly Jewelry & Treasures:}

Sadly, Butterfly Jewelry & Treasures has gone out of business, but the website I designed for owner Héloïse Gerteiny is still one of my most beautiful and unique. I completed it at the beginning of May 2008, and this is what Héloïse wrote in her newsletter announcement of the new website:

As some of you may already know, Butterfly now has a beautiful website. Here’s the link: www.butterflyjewelryandtreasures.com. Turn on your sound and enjoy the music, too. Website designer Hannah West did a fabulous job. Thank you, Hannah!

in 2009 she asked me to set up an online boutique for her, and upon its completion I got another wonderful compliment:

Thank you again for all the work you did to get my online store up and running. The boutique is absolutely beautiful. You have great artistic sense and sensitivity, and you developed just the right mood and touch for the shop from the start. I’ve been recommending you to people who ask about my site, so I hope it will blossom into more business for you. You’re amazing!

Héloïse Gerteiny

{jannie ledard glass art:}

It has been a pleasure to work with you on the website you made for me! Your expertise, generosity with information and flexibility have made what I thought would be a stressful ordeal a pleasant and “cool” adventure! I highly recommend you! Thank you, Hannah, you are a real artist!

Jannie, Glass Artist


What a beautiful website! Thank you for your many hours and great ideas and amazing skill and for being so cool to work with…

Karen, seasidewomen.org

{Home for Sale by Owner}

You know, Hannah, it’s so enjoyable to have the opportunity of setting up our websites and their accompaniments with the help of someone like you, so knowledgeable and happy to share ideas. You really make it easy to understand and I feel ok asking you all sorts of weird and wonderful questions. Often one pays for a service and at the end of it all is really frustrated, annoyed, despondent and disappointed as well as totally dissatisfied. None of this here. It’s nice to call you a friend.

R & M Stewart
Cairns, Queensland, Australia