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A classic piece of Wendy’s amazing and opulent fashion jewelry, originally scheduled for January 2016, will be featured on Antiques Roadshow on Monday, April 11. Tune in to your local PBS station to see it!

My work for celebrated fashion jewelry designer Wendy Gell began in July of 2014 has included:

  • Creating several temporary, responsive pages to replace her old html website and make her look good on mobile devices while we worked on everything else
  • Setting up a MailChimp account, adding and verifying her list of contacts and creating her first campaign
  • Creating her responsive website, completed in mid-December 2014, which includes a detailed home page and WooCommerce shop offering lots of jewelry and art items
  • Creating a Facebook shop that draws products from her website shop so her loyal and supportive following can purchase directly on Facebook.
wendygell.com Home page
Wendy’s elaborate home page, filled with important functionality. See it in action at http://wendygell.com!

I’m running out of time to elaborate on the details of the sites I’ve made. My clients keep me busy, so it’s been a while since I’ve had time to update my portfolio with newest and best websites…and it’s taking a lot of time to get it caught up! For now, and to make sure more recent sites are represented in my portfolio, I’ll post screenshots and come back later to fill in the details.

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wendygell.com shop page




wendygell.com Product page
wendygell.com individual product page

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