michaelcarpenterart.com 4-2015

michaelcarpenterart.com Home page, above the fold
michaelcarpenterart.com Home page
Michael Carpenter Art Home, with custom header and masonry style image gallery. That custom header took some doing! Michael wanted it placed just so in the module, but the image wouldn’t cooperate. It’s good to be prepared for such eventualities when getting ready for your website to be created.
michaelcarpenterart.com About page
Michael Carpenter’s About Page. This shows how nicely the almost-black header and footer section and the gold horizontal borders set off the deep forest green top navigation and body background color. The contrast adds a wonderful dimension to the page without adding the weight of an image that could slow down page load time.
michaelcarpenterart.com tabbed content
Michael’s CV page. This shows how tabbed content can make a page less visually overwhelming, yet contain lots of text, and therefore information, making both human visitors and search engines happy.
michaelcarpenterart.com retractable logo
Above you can see how the logo and page heading section retract into/underneath the navigation menu when a visitor scrolls down the page.
michaelcarpenterart.com Gallery page page
The masonry image gallery included with the Divi theme is very nice, allowing larger images than the default WordPress masonry galleries. This screenshot was taken at a time when the near-black background for the page heading was misbehaving, and shows how flat the page appears without the contrast. Fortunately that background did eventually change its mind and started displaying as instructed again!