WP Touch Pro

I’ve been working on a mobile site for one of my clients (has to remain anonymous until it’s complete!). This site is a WordPress installation, and we started with a free plugin by Brave New Code called WP Touch that automatically formats your blog to iOS devices, Android and more. It’s great, but customization capabilities are limited, so we went for the Pro version. I’ll post again to let you know how it went and will also include a link so you can see for yourself, but for now I just wanted to give a shout to Brave New Code.

I joined their affiliate program too late to make a commission on my client’s purchase, so they’re sending me a t-shirt, and I hope to help them sell more plugins. So, below is a YouTube video discussing the features of their latest version. You’ll also find an affiliate link has been added to my sidebar. If you’re interested in the Pro version of the plugin, please use my link! I won’t get rich, but it will buy a cup of coffee for me and my honey, and you’ll get a nice plugin that will make your WordPress blog site look great on almost any mobile device! If you need a hand with the settings, you can always contact me at webmistress@hannahwestdesign.com. Thanks!