Site Update for Janet London’s London Hummingbird Arts

New Print Gallery slide for "Alpine Meadow"
New Print Gallery slide for “Alpine Meadow”



An update completed on October 17, 2012 for London Hummingbird Arts included the addition of a soon-to-be-available pressed flower art print, “Alpine Meadow” to Janet’s Print Gallery and a new pressed flower product to her Pressed Flower Art Store – pendants showcasing a tiny pressed flower landscape in three designs!


Soooo pretty…sooo much fun to work with these images! I sent one of these to my daughter in southern California. Hers was two-sided, with a sunrise on one side and a sunset on the other. She hangs it from the rear-view mirror of her car.


Pressed Flower Pendant with Mountain Lake scene
Mountain Lake scene
Pressed Flower Pendant with Bright Sailboat scene
Bright Sailboat scene
Pressed Flower Pendant with Tropical Shore scene
Tropical Shore scene

Home Page Update for London Hummingbird Arts

Though Janet has boldly updated various parts of numerous times, her site’s home page remained unchanged since its launch early in 2008. During this time she has done many creative experiments with her art and her workshops, growing and learning in the process, and recently decided that the Luminous Mandala workshops she facilitates with friend and colleague Diane Tibbitts have so outshined the others she has done that she wanted to showcase them and the path she took to reach them on her landing page. The luminous mandalas she and her students create are beautiful, and the success of the therapeutic healing work that accompanies the art is far beyond what she has seen with other techniques. Have a look and enjoy reading the outline of her wonderful journey!

Tree Mandala by Janet London
Tree Mandala by Janet London