DriFlower.com New Website Launch

DriFlower.com New Website Launch

I am SO HAPPY to announce the launch of a new custom e-commerce website, https://DriFlower.com! The site went live on Saturday, August 1 after starting work on June 3. Many grateful thanks to DriFlower founder and CEO Jay Larkins for the opportunity! Kudos to Marketing Director Jon Griffin for a productive working partnership on the site design and content.

This little company’s equipment, poised to revolutionize the hemp and cannabis industry, maximizes the efficiency of crop harvest and drying. It’s disruptive technology at its finest – new harvesting tools with simple design and function, yet so effective. The idea is to reduce the time, effort and cost of harvest while ensuring minimal contact with the crop itself from harvest until it’s dry and ready to trim. This preserves the medicinal value of the produce while cutting costs for the producer, a win-win prospect for any business. Furthermore, the integrity of the company’s founder is matched only by the quality and durability of the harvesting equipment. Offerings include:

  • Complete kits that a home grower can use individually and that small to medium size operations can use in quantity to maximize the use of their dry space.
  • Components for growers who want to design their own system.
  • Custom installations for large growing operations (contact them for more info about this).

The site includes:

We designed these latter features to grow overtime. Moreover, the online shop will also feature new products as time goes on. I hope you will visit the website to see it for yourself. The overall design is very understated and handsome, with warm greys throughout. In addition, we included accent colors of lovely¬† purple, bamboo and green (of course). Lastly, if you’re a grower, you should contact them about incorporating DriFlower into your operation today!!

I hope I have the opportunity to create more websites for this industry. Building this one was fun and challenging.

DriFlower.com New Website Launch