Women’s Alpine Art Retreat Video with Original Music 8-2017

image for Women's Alpine Retreat Video Produced for Elaine Frenett Womens Alpine Art Retreat Video with Original Music

Women’s Alpine Art Retreat Video with Original Music

Recently, one of my long-time web design clients called to ask me if I knew someone who could produce a Women’s Alpine Art Retreat video with original music that she could use to promote her annual retreat. When she considered the potential complexities of royalites and such, she asked if my husband and son would like to create an original piece to accompany the images she would send.

My husband had been considering this concept for quite some time. His original thought was to showcase the artwork in an artist’s portfolio with music—which he and our son would make—playing in the background. Because she wanted to use stills captured during various years of the retreat for the visuals, Elaine’s project was perfect for us to test how long it would take to assemble a collection of stills and create music to go with them.

Project DetailsWomen's Alpine Art Retreat Video with Original Music - image of art journal page

Elaine’s original assignment was to present 30 still images of scenery, activities, and artwork with a runtime of 0:02:15, with one title card at the opening, one call to action card at the end, and closing credits for the video production and music. Elaine loved the music we offered her. We added about 0:00:02 to the clip length to accommodate the music’s natural ending.

Once this was completed, she added the captions to the assignment. This added to the scope of the project substantially, so when you contact us to inquire about your own video production project, please know that you should make the decision on whether or not to include captions at the beginning of the project. If you decide against it and change your mind later, that’s fine, but we will need to add the additional time to our original estimate when invoicing for the project.

Your YouTube Channel

I uploaded the video to my own YouTube channel for Elaine to review, but when it was completed, I uploaded it to her YouTube channel. If you do not have a Google/Gmail/YouTube account, we can create one for you. YouTube provides the option to add a small logo overlay on your uploaded videos. It’s not large, but is important for your branding. You should be ready with a logo or other artwork for your new YouTube channel by the time we’re ready to upload your video, as once it’s up you will be excited to share it with others and might not get to your channel branding in time.

How to Prepare

image for Women's Alpine Retreat Video Produced for Elaine Frenett Womens Alpine Art Retreat Video with Original MusicIt’s always good to know how you can organize your materials ahead of time to streamline our work and avoid additional charges. Prepare to begin your project with this list:

  1. Select the best quality, high resolution still images you have available.
  2. Make a list with the order in which your images should appear. Use the same titles for each images that you have for the image’s file name to avoid confusion.
  3. A list of finalized captions that correspond with your images.
  4. Finalized text for your title and subtitle (if applicable).
  5. Finalized text for your call to action.
  6. Tell us your preference for a particular font, or if you like a certain type of font and want to see some options.
  7. Tell us your preference of musical style and the ambience or “feel” you desire.
  8. Have the description for your video’s YouTube page ready. Include links, contact information and calls to action.
  9. Provide a ONE-COLOR text and/or graphic logo in PNG format for YouTube to overlay on your uploaded videos. It should be no more than 5 times wider than it is high. Example: 400 px high and 2000 px wide.
  10. Provide the login credentials we need to upload to your Youtube channel. If you want us to tweet the video upon uploading, then please provide your Twitter login credentials.
  11. Indicate if you want the video added to your website, blog, or Facebook page when it’s completed. Include your login info.
  12. Make sure you communicate any further details—either for the project or the objective for its use—that we should keep in mind as we work.

NOTE: We are happy to help you finalize any or all of your text elements, and even your image sequence, but it will take more time. This is listed separately on the final invoice.

Time to complete

image for Women's Alpine Retreat Video Produced for Elaine Frenett WOme's Apine ARt Retreat Video with Original MusicWe began the Women’s Alpine Art Retreat video with original music project on July 24 and uploaded it to Elaine’s channel on August 3. All in all, it took about a week and a half, including the captions she added to the original assignment. We could complete one faster for an urgent deadline.

Want one of your own?

Elaine Frenett’s Women’s Alpine Art Retreat video with original music was a very fun project to engage with! I anticipate that doing the same for an artist’s portfolio will be too. We look forward to producing more videos for artists to promote their work, classes and workshops, and retreats like Elaine’s! Please contact me to inquire about pricing details and availability.