4-2015 Veronica Thomas Header change when scrolling down

Veronica Thomas, a native of South Africa who has lived in the States for 15 years, was referred to me by another of my dear clients, her mentor Boni de Laire. Never having had a website preciously, Veronica was just weeks away from having a special home showing of her paintings in hopes of raising money to attend a special painting workshop in Scottsdale, AZ and needed a new website to help promote it, and to show the workshop facilitator that she was a serious artist. When I showed them the site I had just completed,, Veronica loved it and wanted hers to look similar, but with a true black background to compliment the saturated color and high contrast in her paintings and a custom font for the page headings. We got her hosting service set up and registered the domain name she wanted,, and then I got busy… Customizations

Home Page Heading / Banner

We found that the beautiful image her daughter had created for her home page banner could not be used in its entirety, as the custom code necessary to increase the module height inhibited the responsive behavior of the page heading on mobile devices. **Do keep this in mind when considering how you want your website to display.** We wound up compromising with a portion of the image as you see below, the only part of the site that required an override of her desires.

Website created for artist Veronica Thomas in April 2015 by Hannah West using a customized version of the divi theme.
Above: Home page of website created for artist Veronica Thomas in April 2015 by Hannah West using a customized version of the Divi theme.

Page Heading Font

Veronica wanted to use a particular font for her headings, but it was not available as a web font. I recommended that she look at Google fonts to see if she could find something similar, and she did! Lover’s Quarrel was her choice. She wanted an outline on the font for the header on her Home page, another piece of fancy footwork I’m not usually asked to do, and it came out beautifully. You can see the regular style of the font in the heading of the page below. Bio page About page. Veronica’s portfolio pages are similar to the home page, but utilize the header style seen here.

I completed by the end of the same month! Veronica was delighted that it was ready in time for her open house art show and sale, and she made it to the Scottsdale workshop the following month! Veronica also had a strict budget, and making her site so close to the same as a site I had previously designed saved a lot of time. If you’re in the same boat, please consider choosing one of my previous website designs to pattern after, with limited customizations, and I will be better able to contain the costs for you. I also have other budget-friendly designs not shown in my portfolio that are attractive and fully functioning. Please ask me for a list of links so you can consider them as well. And don’t worry, I’ll make sure your website doesn’t look like an unabashed knockoff of someone elses!