12-2015 : Silvia's Studio Home, above the fold

When Silvia Trujillo hired me to do her original website,, I was delighted. It was a joy working with the images of her artwork. The main site was created in html, with a companion WordPress blog. She used the blog frequently to share newly completed works and to announce her classes and workshops. In 2015 she decided that she wanted to combine them together, converting the html site to WordPress while preserving her blog. This is how her existing website looked before we got started: Home page – Before - Artist Silvia Trujillo Home Page screenshot
Home page of the original, created with html Home page – After conversion to WordPress

This conversion involved several 301 redirects to preserve the search engine ranking she had accumulated since the first version of the site was launched and to avoid visitors winding up on a 404 Not Found page when clicking older links to her site. Silvia opted for a white background this time, and chose a lively web font to customize her headings. Her home page includes image blurbs that link to the various sections of her site, a call to action with a link to her contact page, and a footer : Silvia's Studio Home page

Gallery Pages

The gallery pages in the previous iteration of Silvia’s website were similar, with image thumbs on a black background opening a larger version in a lightbox when clicked. However, it is now possible for her to manage the images in her galleries herself. Each gallery of her artwork now includes a contact form at the bottom, encouraging visitors to send an inquiry the moment they find a painting they love. Silvia has one painting she considers essential to her brand, so we used that image as the background for each instance of the contact form throughout the new We used excerpts of her paintings as backgrounds for all her page headings to add character and a glimpse of the detail of her excellent brushwork. : Silvia Trujillo Gallery with lightbox enlargement Silvias Studio Blog

When combining an html site and blog, many steps that would otherwise be crucial are eliminated. This makes the improvement of the site’s user experience and search engine performance more efficient because the WordPress framework already exists to build upon. There’s no getting around the 301 redirects, but it still takes a little less time than taking a stand-alone html site mobile. This leaves more time for redesigning the site and any content updates, search engine optimization, and beefing up of security features that you may need or desire.

Silvia’s original blog was created with the Atahualpa theme for WordPress, a popular theme with lots of options, but is not responsive for a mobile-friendly blog. When incorporating the html site into her blog, we switched to the Divi theme. This allowed us to use a masonry style (like Pinterest) for post excerpts and provided a beautiful mobile-friendly display. The overall appearance of her blog page is so much more attractive now! Here are screenshots of Silvia’s blog before and after the conversion:

Silvia’s Studio Blog – Before

  • Social sharing and follow features
  • Complete posts
  • Black background
  • Not responsive for mobile friendly display - before swtching theme to Divi from Atahualpa

Silvia’s Studio Blog – After

  • More images
  • Less clutter
  • Improved social sharing and follow features
  • Pinterest-style post excerpts with featured images
  • Bright and colorful new presentation on a white background : Silvia's Studio Blog

Silvia got lots of good feedback about the renovation of on her Facebook page, and was very happy with the results herself! Another satisfying project completed.