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In 2014 I was contacted by the then-Development Director of Community Works to redesign their website. I was honored to be chosen for the task, since Community Works is the parent organization of the Dunn House, a shelter and resource center for women suffering abuse, and many other laudable social programs in the Rogue Valley that are meaningful to me. The theme she chose for the site proved difficult to work with, and the Board requested a couple of rounds of changes after we felt the site was complete, but in the end it was a success.

Community Works Home page
Community Works Home page – click to visit the website, especially if you happen to be a woman in need of assistance


missioncandles.com : Mission Candles - Home Page screenshot - Hannah West Design
Mission Candles Home Page

This led the Executive Director of the organization to ask me for an appointment to meet her and discuss their options for an ecommerce website for one of the programs. Called Mission Candles, it was a wonderful program that provided at-risk teens with job skills and experience working with peers under a real boss and making real paychecks while they studied to gain their GED. Once they graduated the program, they had references, experience, a high school diploma, and a range of job-related skills to help them on their way to a productive life in their community. The director of the program was a compassionate man who worked hard and from the heart to help these youth achieve their goals.

It was a rather complex website to build due to the extensive shop, but a joy to work on since I deeply believed in Mission Candles’ mission. I used the fabulous Avada theme to create the site, and the free WooCommerce plugin for the shop. A lot of time went into preparing the images of the many different color/glitter/length options for the birthday candles.  In addition, I added Woo’s Nested Categories and Products Addons extensions to enhance the navigability and purchasing options for the beautiful candles the outfit made. The site is still one of the most beautiful I have created (in my own opinion…and due in part to the colorful images of the candles throughout the site). I also implemented the paid Local SEO extension to the free Yoast SEO plugin to help it perform well in local searches.

missioncandles.com : Mission Candles - Mega Menu - Hannah West Design
Mission Candles About page, showing the Avada Mega Menu, which has many options not used here
missioncandles.com : Mission Candles - Product Page - Hannah West Design
Mission Candles Product Page – multiple images and related products
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Mission Candles Product Page with options
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Mission Candles Product Page with Suggested Products
missioncandles.com : Mission Candles - Shop - Hannah West Design
Mission Candles Shop-click to view live!
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Mission Candles Contact page

The details of the site have since changed. I received a call in late summer 2015 that the parent organization had decided to sell the business, which broke my heart. However, by mid-Autumn I received a call from the new owner, who asked if I would be willing to be on call to help her update the website with new information to reflect the change in ownership. I was delighted to learn that the business would live on and agreed to place myself at her service. At the time of this writing those changes are complete and the site is open for business. The checkout options for the shopping cart are temporary, but the site can accept orders while we work out the details needed to implement the permanent payment gateway solution she chose. Please visit the renewed Mission Candles and buy some awesome, exclusive rainbow (or any of a wide range of solid color) birthday/party candles with your choice of 4 different colors of glitter. The company also makes rainbow and solid colored taper candles for interior decor use! http://www.missioncandles.com