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judybuswell.com Home page
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In October 2015, my friend and wonderful watercolor artist Sue Bennett referred another client to me (the first was Kim Novak). I had known Judy Marshall for several years, but we had never talked about her bringing her website maintenance to me, so the meeting was fun and productive. What she and her husband wanted was to make the site mobile friendly, easier for supporters to share, and easier for them to work on themselves. This being a WordPress to the rescue + html to WordPress conversion type of assignment, I was right in my element. We agreed that Divi was a great theme to present Judy’s artwork. Judy paints under her maiden name Judy Buswell, and the domain she had been using for years is judybuswell.com.  The first thing was to repoint her domain to new hosting, install WordPress on the server, then install the theme and essential plugin suite. As part of the process I would later have to create 301 redirects to preserve the link power and favor with the search engines she had earned from years of being online.

Putting Judy’s site together went smoothly. Her images were already sized and optimized, so aside from images of her new calendar and a few new paintings, all I needed to do was add the copyright metadata to them and they were ready to go. Rather than add a visible copyright notice, she opted for a plugin that would prevent people from right-clicking to download, and which verifies all the content on her site to be hers.

We added a slider to the top of her home page and image blurbs to direct visitors to the various sections of her site, with a call to action and link to her contact page at the bottom.

The galleries of her greeting cards and prints were rather extensive, so the theme’s paginated gallery module worked like a dream. I treated the page of originals for sale differently, adding a slider and doing the images as blurbs, as on the home page, rather than an image gallery so we could feature larger images in the page.

judybuswell.com About pageSince her watercolors are so pretty, and many light enough that they needed little if any fading to accommodate text overlays, we used several as backgrounds for her page headings, which makes the site very attractive even on pages with more text than images. Please click the image below to see her About/Bio page in a larger size. The site was done shortly after the beginning of December, and Judy came over for a coaching session on blogging. She wasn’t sure she really wanted to get into that, but nonetheless posted a beautiful blog entry after she got home that day! All in all, a lovely and effective transition from static html to responsive WordPress. Please visit judybuswell.com to see the site in action!