Butterfly Jewelry and Treasures 2008

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Heloise had a limited budget and a very unique sense of style. She wanted a site design that reflected her eclectic taste and the personality of her boutique in Charlotte, North Carolina. My technique of using client artwork or provided images of their products as design elements worked well here, and she was very pleased with the outcome. The main background image is a cropped close-up of a feathered ballroom mask she had in her shop, which we also used for the icons in her navigation menu buttons! We also added music to the opening of the site, and later added a store where she offered beautiful jewelry designed by local artisans. The site worked well for her, but the economic downturn damaged her business, so the site is no longer online. You can see the copy I keep HERE and check out the features and design. And if you like something you see in her store, remember it’s not live, but you can email here to ask if the item is still available. She’d be happy to help you.


It was important to Heloise that we give plenty of attention to the jewelry artists who made the spectacular pieces she sold in her boutique. We began with an intro page about the Featured Artists.

Butterfly Jewelry and Treasures - Featured Artists

These led to her boutique’s online shop:

Butterfly Jewelry and Treasures Online Boutique

A great example of collaborative work with a client desiring very unique and specific design and function features. Also a good example of long-distance collaboration. I began this site at home in Oregon and while we were working on it, my family decided we needed to go on an extended trip to Australia for their business. I just couldn’t finish before we had to go, so my computer came with me to a family member’s home in Las Vegas, where I completed the site. Once in Australia, I had another new site to begin and existing clients who wanted substantial updates. I was busy working for them the entire 6 months we spent abroad!